Video premieres of Sheetel (UA), Nomi $anya (NL), La Jungle (BE) and Hey Hato (PL)

Live chat with Sheetel (UA), Nomi $anya (NL), La Jungle (BE) and Luc Lorfèvre

Sheetel live in Mezzanine (Kyiv, Ukraine)

Sheetel is a music project from Kyiv, Ukraine. During their live shows, they combine music and different forms of art like theatre and visual performances. The band has two constant members — lead singer and pianist Anton Sheetel and drummer Anton Aksionov, although at the concerts it often expands to a small orchestra, including double bass, sax, cello and other instruments. Their dark shaman music absorbs a lot from trip-hop, jazz and grunge.


Hey Hato in Firlej (Wrocław, Poland)

Singer-songwriter, folk/indie artist from Veltyn, Poland.

"I play guitar i write music trying my best to communicate my truths to others it’s easier for me to play songs than start conversations. luckily i got some awesome songs"


La Jungle live in The Belvédère Namur (Belgium)

While definitely a child of noise rock, La Jungle takes bits-and-bobs from the whole music spectrum and loop them live with the aim to create compulsive and repetitive sequences. Hypnotic, spontaneous and willingly throbbing, sometimes bordering on an endless groove, their music may even include brief oriental doom pulses or metal diversions bang in the middle of some krautrock epic trip.


Nomi $hanya live at Podium Asteriks (The Netherlands)

Nomi $hanya is a producer and singer-songwriter from The Netherlands. She mainly produces a combination of old school and new school R&B. “Making music has been my key to learn about myself,” — says the artist. 


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