EU-supported project ‘How far is now’ premieres live concerts from 4 countries

The EU-supported project ‘How far is now’ comes to its last stage — the autumn premiere of 12 specially prepared live sets of the artists from all partnering European countries. Along with that, each month the audience will be able to experience live chat with musicians who get together for the open interview led by one of the European journalists. 

2021 was taught for the music industry. The consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic is not over yet, the regulations of the live events can change over the night in each country, promoters and young artists struggle to survive and stay active during times of extreme uncertainty. This situation changed the concept of the project ‘How far is now’ significantly. Firstly it was planned as the staff and musicians exchange to see the working models of music venues in Ukraine, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands. Now, this project works as an instrument for mutual support, music cross-promotion, experience exchange and re-thinking the role of music venues in our communities. 

Over the last half a year, the staff of partnering organisations learned about each other’s music realities in their countries, had dozens of meetings and days of recordings of the exciting local music worth sharing with the whole continent. During the last phase of the project in autumn 2021 they will premiere 12 live sets recorded in their venues, which will showcase hand-picked artists from Ukraine, Poland, Belgium and the Netherlands over the course of the open call. As well as will open the curtain on who works behind the scenes in each country and keeps our favourite music playing. 

The schedule of the premieres: 

1st September: 
17:15 CET live chat with Sheetel (UA), Nomi $anya (NL), La Jungle (BE), Hey Hato (PL)
18:00 CET Sheetel (UA) live set premiere

8th September
18:00 CET Nomi $anya (NL) live set premiere

15th September
18:00 CET La Jungle (BE) live set premiere

22nd September
18:00 CET Hey Hato (PL) live set premiere

29th September: 
17:15 CET live chat with The Overview Effect (PL), sophistication.(UA), Geo (NL), Cellar Twins (BE)
18:00 CET The Overview Effect (PL) live set premiere

6th October
18:00 CET sophistication. (UA) live set premiere

13th October
18:00 CET Geo (NL) live set premiere

20th October
18:00 CET Cellar Twins (BE) live set premiere

27th October: 
17:15 CET live chat with Winter Woods (BE), The Overview Effect (PL), NFNR (UA), Cloudsurfers (NL)
18:00 CET Winter Woods (BE) live set premiere

3rd November
18:00 CET Javva (PL) live set premiere

10th November
18:00 CET NFNR (UA) live set premiere

17th November
18:00 CET Cloudsurfers (NL) live set premiere

Watch all the premieres on Facebook and YouTube channels of the project partners. 



‘How far is now’ is the cooperation project by four music venues (Mezzanine from Ukraine, Firlej from Poland, Podium Asteriks from the Netherlands, and the Belvedere Namur from Belgium). It is a digital exchange program aimed to test the differences in venues’ business models, share the experience, learn the opportunities to cooperate in such a long distance between them and work together on the capacity building of staff and its local music community. Along with that, the organizers will support local talents in times of uncertainty and ban of live music events with the series of streams aired in all 4 countries. The project is supported by the European Union.

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